Mission / Values

Anwaltskanzlei Schaffhausen Mission Werte

«We stand up for you.»

Roth Hauser & Zbinden provides quality services focused on meeting your needs as our client.

  • Finding the best solution for you is our top priority. We come up with solutions that are both legally tenable and feasible for your business. We focus therefore on finding practical solutions. “We get the maximum results with minimum efffort.”
  • Authentic: we are reliable, fast and put our all into serving our clients’ needs.
  • Partners: we are a community of equal partners driven by our shared sense of entrepreneurial responsibility and mutual respect. This in turn drives our commitment to our clients, our network and our collaboration with colleagues in other countries as well as how we appear before authorities and third parties.
  • Effectiveness: our internal processes have been optimised so that we can concentrate entirely on our clients’ needs.
  • Agility: we have more than 30 years of experience and are constantly developing creative and innovative solutions to meet the demanding needs of our clients. This is also reflected in numerous court rulings in our favour, including those at the highest level.
  • Integrated thinking: we are always interdisciplinary in our work for our clients and offer legal expertise that’s both in-depth and extensive.